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One off / Spring Cleaning

Takes a lot of your free time

One-off or spring cleaning is a professional cleaning service for clients who do not need a cleaner on a regular basis but just occasionally as the need areas . One-off / spring cleaning is an excellent service to refresh your house. Our agency can arrange a cleaner to come at a day and time convenient for you.

The one off cleaning for residencies includes:

Kitchen cleaning – wet-wiping cupboards inside and out, cleaning work surfaces, mopping the floor, lime scale removal, cleaning kitchen appliances inside and out, oven cleaning and more,

Bathroom cleaning- cleaning showers and baths, shining sinks, scrubbing toilets, lime scale removal, cleaning mirrors, and anything else which is required,

Carpet cleaning- carpets will be vacuumed and deep cleaned with either the steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning technique to make sure carpets are returned to as-new condition,

General cleaning- My Cleaners London will tidy up, clear away and take care of waste disposal, as well as clean, dust and polish anything which requires it;

It is up to you what is to be cleaned as part of this one off cleaning, or if there are any areas which you wish to be left alone. Also if there are any particular methods which you wish us to use for specific items then just let us know. Our professional cleaners are looking to help you in whatever way they can, their focus is always on clients satisfaction. To achieve this we make sure we provide a excellent cleaning services and also listen closely to the clients needs.

In order to get the best cleaning results possible, it is crucial to employ deep cleaning techniques. These are mostly appropriate for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Hard surfaces like wood and metal do not really require deep cleaning because the dirt cannot penetrate beneath the surface. For upholstery and carpets on the other hand, they do require deep cleaning because the dirt can get beneath the surface, causing the fabrics to appear to fade in colour. They can be restored with deep cleaning however.

Service include

clean surfaces; inside/outside cupboards, oven, microwave, fridge; cooker top, sink/taps, light switches, door and frame, skirting, wash inside window, mop floor.

2Living room/bedrooms/hall
dust and polish all surfaces, clean inside windows, mirrors and pictures, skirting boards, switches, doors and frames, vacuum/mop floors.

scrub and de-scale bath/shower, shower door and tiles, wipe all surfaces, sink and taps, clean mirrors, inside window, scrub and disinfect toilet, vacuum and mop floor.

Service price

Price is for hour and number of visits

Price list:We believe every unique job should have it’s unique price. We are therefore happy to discuss your individual requirements and give you a quote based on your needs. We guarantee a 100% service, competitive prices with no compromise on quality. Our staff are always willing to help and provide support where necessary. A great service guaranteed – call us today!

One-Off Cleaning Prices:
With your cleaning products and equipment £20.00 per hour
If we provides cleaning detergents and equipment £23.00 per hour

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For more information please contact us or make a request for cleaning of homes and offices in London.