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Cleaning tips

Interesting tips and facts for excellent cleaning

Little Tricks to Clean Your Home

Little Tricks to Clean Your Home

How to: Clean your lampshades
The lampshade is a soft material like the silk and its cleaning should be with a soft cloth dampened with vinegar solution.

How to: Clean water marks out of polished furniture
They can be removed by heated olive oil mixed with melted white wax. The stains should be treated with that mixture and rubbed with a linen cloth until they disappear.

How to: Clean your windows
PVC windows will look like new if you put in the water, which you use to clean them, a little salt.

How to: Clean the stains on leather hats
They can be cleaned by a soft cloth or a sponge dampened with a mixture of 50ml distilled water and 4g of 5% ammonia.

How to: Clean bronze
You can clean it with soap solution and a little alcohol. After that you can rinse it and rub with a woolen x

How to: Clean lipstick on glasses
You can remove it quickly by wet towel and some salt

How to: Remove scratches
Scratches on mahogany furniture become more invisible by sodium with iodine tincture

How to: Clean light shoes
You can clean them by beaten into snow egg white

How to: Clean jewelry
If you want them to be shiny again, just rub them with a piece of lemon and leave for couple of hours, after that wash them with water.

How to: Clean cigarette stains
If they are on porcelain, you can remove them by rubbing with cork, dipped in salt